Joachim Werner wrote:

 > As the Temporary Storage is incompatible with versions, it seems to 
me that
 > I can not at all use any session manipulating code in a method that 
might be

 > called under version control. This is very disturbing to me.

I'm sorry you're disturbed. ;-)

 > Are there any workarounds like temporarly switching off versioning before
 > the SESSION.set is called?

Not really.

 > I guess the best fix would be if Temporary Storage would actually 
work with
 > versions. This would mean to me that it should gracefully ignore the fact
 > that we are working in a version.

You're right, TemporaryStorage should really support versions.  But it
doesn't; there wasn't enough time. :-(  Maybe in the future, but no
promises.  Note that you can put the data container in a versioning
storage and get around this problem now.

Re: TemporaryStorage ignoring versions. I think this might be OK for
some pattern of usage.  However, I can imagine receiving another email
from somebody saying "how dare your sessions ignore versions; this has
really messed me up and you've destroyed my project". ;-)  I'd probably
accept a patch however that allowed you to set an environment variable
to control this behavior.


- C

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