Harald Koschinski wrote:

> Anthony Baxter wrote:
>>>>>Harald Koschinski wrote
>>>after switching to python 2.1.2 compiled with GC 
>>> (intranet:/usr/local/src/Python-2.1.2 # ./configure --without-pymalloc)
>>>the crashes are back again :-(((((((((((((((((((((((
>>Which version of Zope? 
> 2.4.3
>>Does it have the RestrictedCompiler fix?
> Good question - next question please :-(((
> I am again a little bit confused - I thought that the problem is only 
> in the GC module of Python because zope is running without any crashes 
> when I disable GC.
>>As far as I am aware, Zope 2.4 includes it's own version of the
>>Compiler code, and the current release of 2.4 still has the stacksize
> Matthew: Can you give the final answer ???

2.4.4 (which should be mostly the equivalent of the Zope-2_4-branch in 
our CVS) hasn't been extensively tested.  There are a LOT of things that 
I'm aware of that _can_ cause crashes, ie in MySQL when the database 
object switches threads, it can get unhappy (I think something in MySQL 
may have thread-local state).

Unfortunately, I can't speculate on exactly WHICH problem is causing the 
seg faults, because they don't occur in-house (except for the one 
compiler bug which we were able to reproduce.)

I am notionally toying with the idea of spending some evening hours 
attempting to come up with some kind of Linux-enabled crash capturing 
package, but this is not necessarily going to be trivial, and I dont 
know exactly how I want it to work.  (Ie the proper way is to be able to 
validate all pointers etc, from the stack frame trace on a sig 11 signal 
handler etc.. but that may require some assembly glue).

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