> No, I haven't done this, but I plan to do something like this to create a
> fat client to interact with content objects in a CMF site I am building.
> I've been playing around with wxPython and Boa Constructor
> (http://boa-constructor.sourceforge.net).  I'd be interest in finding out
> ways in which other people might be creating apps using these tools.

<lots of good stuff snipped>

Hi Sean

I don't know if you've seen PythonCard? ...newish GUI building app for
wxPython (a bit like Boa, but "lighter") -

On their mailinglist, they're discussing which DB to use as a (built-in)
persistent storage, and ZODB is one of the options -


One of the samples that comes with Pythoncard is "textRouter" (also at
http://simon.kittle.info/textrouter) which is a wxPython client that uses
XML-RPC to post to Blogger or Manilla sites via their APIs. Looks like it
could give you a headstart in developing your CMF-GUI? (If you're looking
for collaborators, I'd be keen to get involved!)

(BTW has anyone implemented the Blogger API -
http://plant.blogger.com/api/index.html - in Zope/CMF? I'm planning to try
it soon, so if anyone has any tips/code they wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be
very grateful! :-)

On a slight tangent, I also spotted a wxPython app called Gimini -
http://gimini.sourceforge.net/ It's officially a "MindMapping" tool, but I
thought the GUI could be adapted to make a nice drag-n-droppable sitemap
tool for CMF, a bit like the one in FrontPage! :-)

Hope that's helpful!

Cheers, Jon

Jon Edwards
Pricom Ltd

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