for your situation the simplest thing would be to use the CookieUserFolder 
(see which is as 
simple as the standard user folder and adds cookie-capability and 
customizable login and logout forms.

no need to get all tripped up in zpatterns or user auth sources or other 
confusing stuff.


On Thursday, January 24, 2002, at 01:35 , vio wrote:

> * Leonardo Rochael Almeida <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020124 00:03]:
>> Hi vio,
>> Pardon our insistence in helping you out, but you asked to be told if
>> something in your description smelt rotten and, besides the fact that
>> yes, you are reinventing the wheel (and reinventing it square, by the
>> way :-), there isn't a single thing in the scenario you described below
>> that isn't possible with plain vanilla Zope (ok, plain vanilla Zope is
>> an oxymoron. There is nothing 'plain' about an out-of-the-box Zope, but
>> I digress :-), you don't even need CoreSessionTracking as far as I
>> understand it!
> First, thanks again for 'insisting' in helping me out. Really appreciate 
> it!
> Ok, you asked what I really want, and it's very 'plain vanilla' stuff. In 
> a
> sentence: to log users from a custom dtml page. Period.
> In more than one sentence: I want to 'integrate' the login process and 
> 'user
> management' into my own product, give it my own product's 'look and feel'
> ,
> to create a consistent GUI and user experience.
> Idealy, I'd prefer just using plain Zope, no additional 3rd party 
> products.
> But I really would prefer to present the user with a nicely customised
> login page instead of the standard Zope dialog.
> Well, that's about it. Looking for a solution here has been a great 
> learning
> experience into Zope security, first of all. Now all your suggestions
> are pointing out towards using an existing product, 2 names flying around:
> LoginManager and exUserFolder.
> LoginManager would seem more appealing, as some comments I've read would
> suggest that it's very customizable. My problem with that is that Zope 
> won't
> 'chew' it properly, spits it out with ImportError: can't import name
> 'expr_globals' in Products/ZPatterns/ line 38.
> Indeed, after browsing the sources, no trace of 'expr_globals' anywhere.
> Deprecated? Any idea what this was replaced with (by the way, in case you'
> re
> wondering, I'm running on Zope 2.4.1 with python 2.1, while on the other 
> hand
> LoginManager-0-8-8b1 with ZPatterns-0-4-3b1 and PlugIns-0-4-3b1 are trying
> to earn a living on my hard drive).
> exUserFolder installed ok, so I'll give it a test drive also.
> But some hints on debugging LoginMgr would be also appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Vio
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