Try using a site access rule, it's almost as powerfull as the traversal
roulette, but it happens after zope has finished traversing. You could write
a Python Script, something like:


import string

if string.split(context.REQUEST['PATH_INFO'], '/')[-1] ==


CAUTION: Remember how to turn off site access rules (Adding
_SUPPRESS_ACCESSRULE to the begining of the path) incase it all goes wrong


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Subject: [Zope-dev] How to automatically redirect publishing request to
another folder?

> Hello:
> We have a Slideshow product that is similar to OrderedFolder in that it
> maintains an ordered
> list of contents.  Each subfolder represents a slide.   To view a
> particular slide, you navigate to the
> subfolder, it automatically calls "index_html,"  and there's your slide.
> All of the slides actually acquire their index_html DTMLDocument from
> high up on the food chain.   The index_html in turn calls <dtml-var
> body>   and the body is, of
> course, different for each slide.   This is convenient, b/c each slide
> shares header/footer/etc.
> My problem is this.  When you type in the URL of the top level folder
> (that is, the slideshow folder itself)
> I want Zope to behave as if you typed in the URL of the first slide
> automagically.   The Slideshow product
> has an easy way to get our mitts on the firstSlide object, so that part
> is not a problem, but I cannot get it to work.
> Of course, if I create an index_html() method directly in my
>, that screws up my acquisition.
> Zope dies with an infinite recursion.
> Next try: using __bobo_traverse__()   That is a little bit nasty, b/c
> you have to figure out whether you are
> the "end destination" or if Zope is just "passin' thru."
> [ See ]
> Nothing works quite right.   Conceptually I know what I want to do:
> call index_html on firstSlide()
> in the _context_ of firstSlide().   However, my Zope Zen is failing me.
>    Has anyone done something like this?
> Thanks in advance!
> --Craeg
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