On Tuesday 29 January 2002 08:25 am, Romain Slootmaekers allegedly wrote:
> Yo,
> We have some computational expensive task that we execute as a result
> of some HTTPRequest. So we spawn a thread and return immediately.
> Future requests can get the status and thus we can monitor progress at the
> client side. So far so good.
> But what should we do when the server restarts before the task finishes ?
> Onfortunately, pickling the thread and restarting it is not an option
> (Threads are not picklable (pickleable, pickable ??? ah well what's in a
> name)  :( )
> So what are our options here ?
> Should we turn to Stackless python as a vm or what ?
> TIA,
> Sloot

Could you not store the state of the thread in some state storage object (on 
SystemExit) and pickle that? Then when Zope restarts, have an __init__.py in 
a Zope product look for that pickle (in a file or ZODB) load it and restart 
the threaded task where it left off?

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