Erik Stephens wrote:

>This is regarding the Zope restarting problem that's been talked about
>recently.  We've tried TONS of different configurations:
>  Python 2.1.x (with threads and with & without pymalloc)
>  Zope 2.4.x (built wo_pcgi & binary installs)
>  ZMySQLDA (with & without the Kromer patch)
>  MySQLdb (built against the different flavors of Python)
>Here's our latest attempt at a stable Zope:
>  - Python 2.1.2 (with threads and with pymalloc)
>  - Zope 2.4.4b1 (wo_pcgi build)
>  - ZMySQLDA (latest CVS checkout with and without the Kromer patch
>    applied to
>  - MySQLdb (latest CVS checkout build against Python 2.1.2)
>  - TinyTable product (one of our patches applied)
>  - A customizations product for removing specific restrictions on
>    through-the-web components.
>Does anyone know for sure if this is a problem with ZMySQLDA or with
>We've been hearing talk that once 2.4.4 is released, all will be good
>in the hood.  Are we missing the boat somewhere?  Can anyone confirm
>that a similar setup fixed their Zope restart problems?
>Are there any magic option values (num threads, disable watchdog) we
>can be passing to that might help stop the bleeding?
>If it is confirmed that 2.4.4 is still hosed, then what is the
>recommended course of action?  Down-grade to Zope 2.3.3?  Cross our
>fingers and wait?  Which is more stable right now, Zope 2.5.0 or Zope
>Thank you,

Try starting with -t 1 (single-threaded mode) and see if that helps.  It 
won't actually hurt your performance very badly unless you are compute 
or I/O intensive.  Andy Dustman has a better fix than mine in the works; 
he posted something about it on the main Zope list today.

BTW, you said in your message above you use --with-pymalloc.  That's 
almost for sure going to cause problems with extension classes.  Use 
--without-pymalloc so that the custom allocator gets left out.

Matt Kromer
Zope Corporation 

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