Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:

>I previously had a segfaulting Zope 2.4.3 installation, whose segfaults
>I traded for a leak when I disabled the cycle-gc.
>I just installed Zope 2.4.4b1 (binary) hoping it'd fix the segfaults so
>that Zope could go back to not leaking, but they persist. Disabling gc
>in this new version stops the segfaults, but restarts the leak, just
>like before. Basically, it feels like the problems are the same for me.
>I'm now in the process of recompiling python 2.1.2 --without-pymalloc to
>see if it solves the problem but I suspect it'll only make Zope crash
>less instead of stop crashing (like it did last time).
>If anyone has any tip (or an automatic stack dump generator for running
>zope processes)

Well, I think I mentioned this before, but you do NOT want 
--with-pymalloc on in your Python build.  I'm just about 100% positive 
that ExtensionClass derived objects will not play well with pymalloc.

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