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This problem is due to a deep bug in the current implementation of the
Types Tool: a created object has no way to know its portal_type during
construction (the constructor doesn't have this information, thus nor
__init__ nor the hooks like manage_afterAdd can have it).

I thought that this bug was already in the Tracker but I don't find it.
Anyone knows ?

Anyway I'd propose the following: we need, in constructInstance, to
somehow pass the portal_type to the object constructor. Unfortunately
this has to be backwards-compatible with all the constructors out there
that don't know about it. I see two possible ugly solutions to do it:

  - do "constructor.__portal_type = portal_type" before calling
    constructor(...), and the constructor does something like:
    def manage_addFoo(...):
        portal_type = manage_addFoo.__portal_type
        manage_addFoo.__portal_type = None
        portal_type = None

  - in constructInstance, use introspection (getargspec) to look
    if the constructor accepts a portal_type=xxx named parameter,
    and pass it if it does.

Anyone sees something cleaner ? :-)


Jon Edwards <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've created a new product - "organisation", which has a property
> "org_type", which I set in manage_afterAdd by doing -
>       self.org_type = self.portal_type
> - which then gets catalogued. Works fine for the basic product, but if I use
> the Portal Types tool to make a new type "Hospital", using "organisation" as
> the underlying default type, it should use "Hospital" as the "org_type".
> I've tried everything I can think of in place of self.portal_type
> (meta_type, Type(), _getPortalTypeName(), etc.) but I still get
> "organisation" instead of "Hospital" in the catalog.
> There must be a way to get it, cos when I view the catalog entry for the new
> item, Type is "Hospital", but org_type stubbornly refuses to find that
> value! Can someone please save me from pulling out any more hair? :-)
> Also, when creating a product, what's the best-practice for setting
> "meta_type =" and "portal_type =" in the class? Some products use both, some
> neither, some use one but not the other!
> Cheers, Jon
> Jon Edwards
> Pricom Ltd
> www.pricom.co.uk
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