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> Huh...
> I found a makefile.pre.in, but I'm seeing tons of errors on "make"
> There was some note in the Zpatterns docs that after zope2.2 the dynpersist
> woudn't be neccesary anymore.  Is this true?

It seems like it should be true.  To the best of my knowledge, DynPersist
got around the issue that it wasn't all-too-safe to override __getattr__ and
__setattr__ for persistent objects.  I know that this issue was fixed in the
ZODB, probably around the time of Zope 2.2.  However, even in the most
recent ZPatterns releases (as maintained in the 'TransactionAgents'
package), some Python code still seems to depend on DynPersist.
> Are there any other (simple) solutions to doing authentication through a SQL
> DB?  Jumping through hoops to get Zpatterns working seems silly when all I
> need is basic authentication.  Though it would probably make my life easier
> once I figure it out.

You might want to check out http://www.zope.org/Members/otto/userdb,
although it looks rather old.  If it's what I think it is, it's based on
something done at Zope Corp back in the Principia (Zope before it was Zope)
days.  UserDb was a pretty simple system that might work for you if it still
works.  Much easier than anything ZPatterns based - especially given that
ZPatterns has gone relatively unmaintained for so long.

Jeffrey P Shell 

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