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>> >Also, RESPONSE.setBody really should have access to REQUEST.headers.
>> >What's the clean way to do that? Just pass the request object to response
>> >object's init method?
>> RESPONSE objects have a REQUEST attribute
>Are you sure? I know that request objects have a response object. But looking at 
>publish.py doesn't look like it goes the other way.

D'Oh, you are right.

A better recommendation is to look at make_request in
ZServer/HTTPResponse. It probably does make sense for the request
headers to be stored in the response object, and I suspect this would
be the place to do it.

>I am using Apache with mod_rewrite. Sure, it'd be great to compression there, but 
>Apache doesn't cache, you need squid for that, right?

I know it can be done with apache, but I prefer squid.

>I agree, Transfer Encoding is the way to go, but based on remarks at:
>I stuck with the simpler to understand content-encoding.

I think those remarks are misleading, and I dont find rfc2616 at all
unclear in *this* area.

Content-Encoding is a property of the entity being transferred. It is
an end-to-end property (that is, from origin server to browser) and
intermediate proxies or caches are not permitted to tamper with it.

Transfer-Encoding is a property of the HTTP conversation (that is the
conversation from browser to cache, from cache to another cache, from
cache to front-end-proxy, and front-end-proxy to back-end-zope). If
both ends of a conversation implement the same transfer-encoding
(gzip, rsync, etc) then they could transparently apply the encoding as
the document travels over the wire.

My conclusions:

1. Adding Transfer-Encoding support to Zope is unnecessary if you are
using a front-end proxy (there are many reasons why most people
should, but some important exceptions where you need not).

2. Adding Content-Encoding support to Zope is a good thing only if
your front-end proxy does not support on-the-fly Transfer-Encoding. I
think apache does, but squid does not.

Toby Dickenson

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