Does anyone know how to reach Zpublisher without passing by Zserver from any client ?


I explain my question :


I would like to send XML Fragments from a client (Mozilla) to Zope. But, in HTTPRequest.py, I read that when the content-type of the request is ‘text/xml’ and the method is ‘post’ (exactly like in most of the cases I process), automatically, Zope process the request as XML-RPC.

The XML-RPC only support ASCII (7-bits characters encoding) in the specs, and I want to encode at least UTF-8 in request and response. I could base64 encode all  my data, but I would like to avoid the overloading of this encoding.


Is there a (simple) way to add another protocol than XML-RPC, Webdav, HTTP, and FTP to Zope ?

Is there a cool way to extend Zserver, or directly access  the ZPublisher from another source ?




Olivier Moises

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