On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 16:09, Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
> On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 10:55, Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
> > 
> > On Wednesday, February 27, 2002, at 06:49 PM, Leonardo Rochael Almeida 
> > wrote:
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> > > So, what should I try now?
> > >
> > 
> > Did -t 1 help?  If not, do you feel comfortable hooking up gdb  and 
> > getting a traceback?
> Funny enough, running with -t 1 solved it.
> /me starts looking sideways to ZMySQLDA again, since it's not the new
> beta version...
> The performance, understandably, is not the greatest, but it's tolerable
> (where tolerable means the client hasn't complained yet).
> I'll start looking at ways to recompile my python scripts using another
> ZEO Client. I think I'll catalog all of them (using a very small
> subtransaction threshould) and use a "REQUEST.write()" in a PyScript to
> list them.


I found a kickass way to recompile all PythonScripts without bringing
down the machine and writing the least amount of code ever possible!

Short version:

Create a python script in Zope root that recompiles "context" and
catalog all python scripts using that as a metadata.

Long version:

put the following python script in your root:
## Script (Python) "recompile"
##bind container=container
##bind context=context
##bind namespace=
##bind script=script
##bind subpath=traverse_subpath
# recompile the thing

# return something to waste catalog space :-)
from string import join
return "recompiled %s\n" % join(context.getPhysicalPath(),"/")

Now put a ZCatalog in your root, call it anything, say, pyScripts. Go to
the "Indexex" tab and remove all indexes but the "path" index. Go back
and go to the "Metadata" tab; remove all metadata and insert "recompile"
and getPhysicalPath (this one is completely optional). Go to the
Advanced tab and set the subtransaction threshould to a number that
looks reasonable to you (low enough so as not to  crash your machine
:-). Go to the "Find Objects" tab, make sure that only "Script (Python)"
is selected (verify, especially, that "All types" isn't selected) and
click "Find and Catalog".



wait some more...

go get a coke or a coffee or something...

wait a little more...

When you see the result page, you know that your pythonScripts are
recompiled (of course it won't take that long unless you have an 800+MiB
Data.fs crammed full of python scripts :-)

Cheers, Leo

Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like
solitary confinement.

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