If the VirtualHostFolder is included, that will mean OrderedFolder is also
incorporated in 2.6.  I think OrderedFolder should be added as its own item
to the proposed features list for individual consideration.

Then the question of "Resources" arises.

That is Stephan's product, not mine, and it *may* have some issues in
certain OS distributions (based on my experiences and another user's).  So,
it cannot be added itself without some work--further testing work if nothing

Therefore, it needs a volunteer, and that volunteer should logically be
Stephan.  Stephan is busy with Zope3 at the moment.  I have done some
tweaking of OrderedFolder, and I am willing to help further, but he and I
have different coding styles that made a previous collaboration a bit
inefficient.  OrderedFolder is Stephan's, and he should feel happy with how
it is incorporated in 2.6.

So, um, Stephan, any ideas?  :-)  I know you are busy, but are you
interested in getting this in 2.6?  I could help with testing as before, but
I'd prefer to have you signed on as the primary resource.

This would be a prerequisite for including VirtualHostFolder in any

Thanks, all


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