From: "Stephan Richter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> If OF will make it in the core, the ZBabel stuff will be taken out of it
> anyway, since no part of Zope has something like that in it. I am also
> tempted to say that only the ordering module should go in (maybe the limit
> as well), since other functionality seems too specific.

Hey Stephan.  Makes sense.  Maybe that would imply either a different name
for the core product ("OrderedFolderLite" is a bad example of the idea, for
instance) or some other similar accommodation for the fact that your full
product will certainly still be needed/wanted in certain cases.

I'd feel comfortable extracting the ordering stuff into a new "lite"
product, if you wanted, but I have not looked at the limiting functionality.
Do you or Joachim have time to do this yourselves, or to be a part of this

Finally, is there any feeling for just adding the ordering functionality to
the standard Zope folder/ObjectManager?  Perhaps including a button and an
API to hide/show the ordering tools?  What do folks think?


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