Stephan Richter wrote:

>> I am afraid I must second this opinion.  We recently looked at 
>> OrderedFolder, thinking to subclass it
>> to produce our Slideshow product.   The idea was to make a 
>> lightweight web-based replacement for PowerPoint
>> where you can define the order of the slides and can hide/show them 
>> individually.
> Actually, there SmartWizard (of course built with OF), whcih can be 
> used for Slideshows. I used it for all my talks last year.

For some reason we missed that one :-(     Of course, we also wanted 
functionality like selectively hiding slides
(that way you can have lots of slides in a standard slideshow and choose 
subsets for a particular presentation).
Still, the Products _are_ quite similar.  

We might be able to collaborate, but I suspect the Zope-2 architectural 
limitations will make it pretty difficult.
For example, we have three products that are related by inheritance, and 
even though _we_ wrote all of them,
it was interesting how much extra work it was to make them extensible in 
this way.   With the Zope-3 architecture
it would be _much_ easier.

>> We found that it was actually easier to create our own 
>> "OrderedFolder" base class and subclass it rather than
>> use OF because of the extra functionality we did not want.
> Really? You should just have used OrderedObjectManager as base class.

Are you referring to the latest (0.4 IIRC) release?  We did our work 
before that came out...

>> I am willing to help out.   I would love to see this functionality in 
>> 2.6 and carry it forward to 3.0...
> Ordering and the Limit code is already in the Zope 3 core. The 
> advanced Folder version there is know as LoadedFolder. 

Excellent!   I think Zope-3 anticipation is building to a fever 
pitch.... ;-)


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