You know, the funny thing is that TF really accomplishes the goals of a
ZMI/UI-improvement hack (unclutter a view of a folder to VISUALLY separate
the software/content/presentation space) implemented, IMHO, in the wrong
place.  I would think there is another way that a Folder UI could be
uncluttered without the magic of TF, and that is add "translucency" (items
are there, but obscured from view) to the UI layer - that is, the ability to
VISUALLY unclutter different users' views of objects in a folder via ZMI;
views could be stored per user.  

For example, you could select ZSQL Methods and RDB connections in a folder
to be hidden from everybody but the Database programmer; you could keep
these and Python Scripts obscured from the view of a content person or
presentation designer, etc.  Well, they wouldn't be hidden, but visually
'compacted' and relegated to a small drop-down box at the bottom of the page
to unclutter it... so the standard tabled object list wouldn't iterate over
objectIds() or objectValues(), but instead a higher-level filter function.
A complimentary filter function would render the 'hidden' objects as a
sequence as well.

__ZMI manage_main Now:______________________
===\===\===\===\========    <--- ZMI tabs
% :::::::::::::::::::===

TP.NAME..... .SZ. ..LM..
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------

[RN][CT][CP][DL][I/E][SA]  <--- Buttons
                                for checked

__ZMI With Translucency:___________________
===\===\===\===\========    <--- ZMI tabs
% :::::::::::::::::::===

TP.NAME..... .SZ. ..LM..
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------
[]---------- ---- ------

[RN][CT][][][][][Hide]     <--- New HideBtn
Hidden Items:
[Select Item... [v]
[Open][Unhide][ViewAll]    <--- Buttons for
                                doing things
                  ^             with hidden
                  |             items
                  +-----------> ViewAll =>
                                pop-up new

This would be more visually convenient.  I'm thinking of trying to
monkey-patch OFS.Folder to just do this. 

Of course, with these kind of modifications, for any given folder, there's
no mandatate that anything need to be hidden at all.  Thoughts?


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> Is this a suggestion that TF go into the core?  One other (major) problem
> with TF is that it breaks session tracking site-wide, or at least the
> ability to have more than one session id manager per Zope instance in CST;
> I'm not sure about sessions in Zope 2.5...
> TF seems to have too much normalcy-hijacking magic to go into the core, if
> you ask me...
> Sean

-1 on TF in the core. Nice hack, but too much magic and there are
performance implications if I remember correctly.

Also Zope 3 will render TF superfluous.

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