I'm currently doing a program on Zope 2.5 using gvibDa
as my database.  I would like my program to trap
Interbase error codes such as (isc_deadlock,
isc_lock_conflict), the problem is I'm still at a lost
on how to do this. 

I saw some progam written in C that trap these kinds
of Interbase error using isc_print_sqlerror and
isc_sql_interprete, in fact I saw these functions
being used on gvibBase.c :) But since I don't know C, 
the programs didn't help much in finding out how the
errors are trapped.

I know gvibDa has its own exception handler
(gvibExceptions?), but this handler converts the  
original database error into its own error message
(DatabaseError,InternalError, etc).  what I want to do
is to trap the "raw" database error before it gets
converted into one of the customized error messages.

And another question, is there a way to
commit/rollback a database transaction(using a gvib
object) and zope transaction without using an external

Any answer, opinion, view regarding these issues will
be very much appreciated.

Thanks :)

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