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> While we are asking, I have two things that I would consider valuable 
> additions to Zope 2.6:
> 1.  UserSniffer.  Currently an External Method, but has functionality 
> that should be available OOTB to assist making those (horrors!) 
> browser-dependent hacks.  It has other uses, too, like explaining to 
> clients that their browser is five years old and needs the free upgrade 
> that is available.
> 2.  Support for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.  Many (most?) of us run zope 
> behind Apache ProxyPass or Squid, and the Zope logs therefore save the 
> ip address of the proxying machine rather than any semblance of where 
> the client browser is.  I realize that other proxies do not always 
> follow the rules, etc., etc., but I think that using 
> HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR if not null would be better than a log full of 
> Apologies if these have already been discussed under another heading.
> -- Jim Washington
> +1 on #2 - definitely useful.
> Sean  

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