Hi All,

I'm currently implementing a QuotaFolder for Zope, i.e. a Folder 
that restricts the number of objects, their sizes and their total
size (and in the future: the installabe meta types).

Things look very promising (if anyone feels like testing, please mail
me), but it took me quite a while to fix one bug:

When creating a ZopeTutorial in a QuotaFolder, I always got

Error Type: Bad Request
Error Value: The id "examples" is invalid--it is already in use.

I couldn't really figure out why my QuotaFolder would cause ZopeTutorial
to be installed (or actually imported) twice. Until I studied its code:

In addTutorial in TutorialTopic.py, there's the following piece of
importing code:

    # work around old Zope bug in importing
Basically, anything can go wrong in the first manage_importObject (and
in my case it was the raising of a QuotaExceeded exception), causing
the code to try to import the file *again*

Isn't there a better/cleaner way to do this? It this Exception-type-less
try/except construct used elsewhere in Zope (I think I've seen it before)? 
Should I put a request in the collector? 



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