Two points about deleting services (Well one really, just looked at from two
1) Services must have fully stopped before you delete them, or they get
marked for deletion on the next reboot (Good, solid server software:
expecting frequent reboots!)
2) The service must have had all the SCM handles closed otherwise the same

What is probably happening is that the SCM handle from the service shutdown
has been deleted, but python or something still has a reference to it that
has not been garbage collected yet.

Just a guess. Without seeing your code, it's hard to know for certain.


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> Hi
> I have an application built with Zope which can install, control and
> NT services. The actual code is in an external python script.  The
> can be installed and controlled but if you try and remove the service it
> marked as 'disabled' and can not be reinstalled or remove manually
> using the registry).  However if Zope is restarted the service is then
> removed.
> Does anyone have any ideas about resolving this problem ??
> thanks in advance
> Dean Houghton
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