The easiest way to do this is probably (As I think you are describing) put
the ZSQL Method in a folder, and put one database connection in each
sub-directory, and have all the database connectors with the same name.

The problem with this will be that you will have to create a database
connection in the folder with the ZSQL Method just so you can write the
method (ZSQL Methods insist on giving you your database connection). Then
you will have to delete the connection BEFORE you can use the others via

Not tested, but in theory it should work.


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Subject: [Zope-dev] Multiple Database Connections Same Zsql method

Is it possible to iterate though multiple databases with the same zsql
method?  Have multple identical databases with different data.  Want to
maintain only one method.

Can i do this in DTML or do I have to use pythonscripts?

I guess what I want to do is to have the query in one folder, call it from
another folder and pass the database connection info to it.

Not sure how well this would work with multiple users though.......

Any advice is appreciated.

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