Chris Withers wrote:

> Right now, I'd like to see the scope kept _tight_, just dealing with
> authentication, no user metadata, that can wait for later. There is XUF, but I'm
> not sure about the code quality and I think it tries to do too much.
> Of course, I could be wrong...

Speaking as someone who's worked on parts of the code, I don't think 
you're wrong.  XUF has issues that I'm not sure anyone really 
understands, though my recent "exploding user object" cache work got it 
to the point where it does seem to be stable on heavily-loaded systems. 
Yes, it does try to do too much, I think.

Back before I figured out enough of XUF to fix the cache issues I played 
around a bit with a virginal pluggable user folder (right now it does 
not do much of anything, including authenticate, but it is a beginning.) 
  I still have the code, and my boss would still like to see it brought 
to fruition.  I do have quite a bit to say about the design of such an 
animal.  It's something we need.

> In any case, I'd be happy to monitor a discussion to build a solution to this (I
> might even be persuaded to strike up a fishbowl process ;-) and get the finished
> product done. I dunno if I could manage it for 2.6, but I'd certainly get it
> done for 2.7...

I held back on suggesting this because I'm not convinced I have the 
resources or the ability to bring this baby up on my own, and especially 
not in time for 2.6.  But if others are interested in _contributing_, 
everyone can count me in too, I'm sure (although how much time I have to 
offer is up in the air as other projects are starting to pound on my 

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