I am very new to Zope/DTML and I am a little confused with the operation of the DTML-IN statement. Here is the snippet of code
<table border=1 width=100%>
<dtml-in expr="( ((1), (1,2),(4,5,6),(7,8,9)) )">
             <td><dtml-var sequence-item></td>
This code displays the contents 4 cells in a table and the output is

I am a litte confused because I thought it would display the contents of the list as

I believe this is related to something I read about tuples of ( key, value) will handled with sequence-key and sequence-item ???? I must be traversing the list incorrectly.....can anyone give me an example of how to traverse this list of tuples correctly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.....thank you very much in advance

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