Yeah, this is something I'd be very interested in knowing, too. In fact,
this particular ability could make or break a community project I'm
going to be developing with Zope in the near future. Do you mean like
the pluggable access that ZServer provides? I imagine there would also
have to be some kind of pass-through backend storage to the actual
service layer (like IMAP, for instance). This is definately something
I've been thinking about.

Getting my gears turning,


On Sun, 2002-03-17 at 16:53, Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> I'm curious what the impact on overall performance would be if products
> eventually came into existence that extended Zope to directly handle
> additional protocols and their data requirements, primarily intended for
> low-volume workgroup kind of traffic.
> Jabber, IMAP and LDAP are the ones that come to mind immediately, since
> you'd be that much closer to having Zope fulfill a role that MS Exchange
> really doesn't; inexpensive, easily maintained groupware for small
> organizations that need custom workflow app development.
> Is it practical to consider that Zope might extend into other protocols
> this way, and can it be done with modular products, or does integration
> require deep Zope modifications (beyond adding a few lines to
> Just a hypothetical, I guess. FWIW, it would be really cool to see a
> general, host-a-protocol-here hook for plugin products as Zope3 takes
> shape, configuration in the ZMI if the product writer goes that far.
> Something that would define a standard interface for Zope3 events to
> respond to signals the protocol handler might generate, and vice-versa.
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