For the last few weeks (And maybe longer) I have been seeing lots of
messages about zope leaking, the gc crashing and generally, Zope going
senile after long runtimes or lots of requests. This was (And I believe
still is) a problem for Apache, which they solved by having threads only
live for a certain number of calls, then they die and are replaced by newly
created threads. I know that with the current ZODB access model, this would
be too slow, but is there any way that the opening of the ZODB could be
moved to a different thread or earlier, before the fork, so that we could
simply kill senile threads without killing the entire shooting match?

I'll admit that I don't know enough about the core code to impliment this
(And it is not solving the problem, only masking it) but it might be a good
way for "the rest of us" to get back working on reliable Zope's while the
core guys get the leaks located and plugged.

Just a thought


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