The design will carefull take into account backward compatibility. You
can still have a user folder that doesn't know about groups, in which
case the users won't have groups associated to them. No problem.

The design goes like that: the local role machinery is patched to take
into account groups *if the user folder can deal with them*. Otherwise
nothing at all is changed.

The folders can be converted one by one when needed. Someone already
sent me a patch for LDAPUserFolder. XUF can follow whenever they're
ready, I'll be ready to help.

If you look at current NUF, the main changes would be added tests before
any use of the user.getGroups() method [which I'll rename to
user.getUserGroups() because getGroups is already taken by

In any case I'll put the code in a CVS branch sometime this week or the
next, and we can discuss the impact. Code speaks :-)


Matt Behrens  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > Okay, I'm a bit late but I'd like to integrate what's currently in
> > NuxUserGroups, a bit updated maybe.
> > 
> >
> > 
> > There will be a merge conflit with Lennart's Local roles blacklists,
> > it it's chosen for 2.6, but I'm familiar enough with both code sets to
> > manage the merge.
> > 
> > I'm adding this proposal to the wiki.
> I do recall that we looked at NUG as XUFers at at one point, and akm 
> said it looked like it'd be compatible, although we still needed UI for 
> groups in XUF.  Nobody has done this, incidentally. :-)  I'm not 
> convinced that it'll go so well with other user folders.
> My gut feeling is that while groups are a very, very good thing (we NEED 
> them here), and I'd love to see them in Zope 2, I think the issue of 
> compatibility with all the other user folders out there is going to be a 
> huge sore spot.
> So, -1, unless you can prove to me that every user folder on 
> that hasn't already been obsoleted due to Zope changes will also work 
> with NUG integrated (and the unfortunate fact that everyone probably has 
> to change UI probably makes that a non-issue.)  This coming from a guy 
> who really wants groups. :-/
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