I also want groups! But I want a different kind of groups, that I call
"workgroups" just to distinguish them from all other types of "groups". :-)
I don't know if it's possible implement this compatibly in 2.x, and I can't
judge if there is any problems in implementing one type of groups in 2.x and
then switching in 3.x. And of course, I'm worried that implementation of
groups in 2.6 will lessen the possibilities of getting workgroups into 3.x.

A workgroup is a set of users, just like I understand that NuxUserGroups
are. But you  set up a workgroup just like you would set up the local roles
for a folder, ie, you do not only assign users to the workgroup, *you also
assign roles to them within this workgroup*.

When setting up a workgroup you don't get access to anything but the
workgroup itself. But, you can then add any
number of workgroups to a Zope folder, and the users in that workgroup would
get the roles they were assigned in the workgroup to that folder.

That way you still get the grouping and indirection that you get from otehr
grousp, but you also get a greater automatic granularity in that grouping.

So, in technical terms a workgroup is macro of role definitions. When you
add a user to the workgroup and give him a Reviewer role, he will get the
Reviewer role at all the folders where the workgroup is added to the
workgroup list. The workgroup "Boss" will get the "Boss" role in all the
places where this workgroup is added.

With normal grouping, you typically have one group per department, and give
that department access to a couple of parts of the database. Then you have a
group of the Bosses that have more access. But usually this means that all
the Bosses have Boss access everywhere, which is not necessarily what you

So, even if it is very tempting to let Florent implement the local roles
blacklist instead of doing it ourselves :-), I'd rather wait for workgroups
than standard groups. In any case Johan and me would be very happy to help
Florent and the others at Nuxeo implement it groups and blacklists.

Best Regards

Lennart Regebro
Torped Strategi och Kommunikation AB

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