Brian Lloyd wrote:
> I can easily imagine that "right" behavior of a link if
> your main goal is to avoid 404s will _not_ be right if
> you are using the link in other ways. For example, if you
> went to a URL that had been moved, what is the right
> "context" that it should render itself in? I highly suspect
> that the right context is the place that it was moved to,
> rather than the context where the link lives (redirect
> semantics). That is basically the opposite of another
> possible usage of a link, where you would want to use the
> link to "virtually include" an object into a different
> context.
> I submit that trying to do both is too complex
> and probably too insecure as well (as managers of security
> would have to evaluate N possible security scenarios, most
> of which are not readily visible to them at the time they
> are setting up security).
> I think that the "RedirectObject" approach could sidestep
> all of these issues and provide an incremental step while
> still solving your problem.
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With the icoya CMS, we implemented a similar "Resource"-/"Relay" object approach to 
overcome the difficulties described above. 
Resource objects are the containers (Zope objects) for content objects (located in the 
ZODB, Filesystem or databases). Beside the function as 
a storage container "Resources" implement versioning, languages, link bases and other 
features. To get Resources published, we introduced "Relay" objects. 
The "Relay"-object publish the content of a "Resource" in a defined manner i.e. style, 
variant, version, language, etc.. Furthermore the Relay can be used for  
dynamic folders, personalization and workflow. We have good experience with this 
approach, but at the beginning of our work we had to solve the performance penality 
that arose with the multiple indirection of the content. 

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