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> On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 17:31, Casey Duncan wrote:
>> ZClasses have been overlooked enough. Nobody has even bothered
>> putting a ZCatalogPathAware available for them...
> I've done that locally (changing __init__ and the the py but had no
> chance to make it work with __existing__ ZClasses.
> Something was coded inside the zclass instance ;-<
> So i had to patch ZCatalog for getting the right behaviour for my
> existing products.
> So, even if ZClasses are not cooked completely, they allow guys
> like me to use zope, to promote zopet even if we are useless at
> good python programming ;-), and until Z3 exists.
> All my support for ZCatalogPathAware in 2.6.
> Maybe we should investigate :
> - how updating old CatalogAware ZClasses for taking care of that
> - what impact for already updated construtor scripts ? (shuild be
> none, but not sure)

Even with CatalogPathAware (or otherwise "smartly" cataloged objects), I've
come across a major annoyance that I'm sure others have seen.

The annoyance stems from objects getting re-cataloged somehow upon Import,
so now I've got two entries for each object - one with the correct shortened
Virtual Host friendly path, and one with the big long unfriendly path.  So
now, as I move a site from development to testing to deployment, I have to
run a Python script that goes through the catalog, and removes everything
that has a certain folder in its path, leaving only the correctly cataloged
objects from the previous site in place.  This is especially annoying
because I seem to have to run the script 5-10 times before all of the
re-cataloged-upon-import objects are removed.

If other people have come across this, I think finding a resolution to this
would be a more-than-worthy 2.6 project.  If I'm just smoking crack and it's
only a ZPatterns/TransactionAgents behavior that I'm witnessing, then I'll
just leave my huffing and puffing and whining and yelling and fainting to
myself and immediate coworkers next time I have to go through this
situation.  :/

Oh!  And while on the CatalogPathAware part, documenting how Paths and
SiteRoots and VirtualHostMonsters are all supposed to work together would be
nice.  I still haven't figured it all out, which is currently leaving me
with a few VHM's scattered precariously about a couple of sites.  (:/ ** 2).

Jeffrey P Shell 

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