I have just released ZEO 1.0 beta 6.  It's been almost six months
since the last beta release, so it was surely time.  This release
fixes two bugs that Zope Corp. has recently run into in the field.

See http://www.zope.org/Products/ZEO/.

Here are the changes:

    - Fixed a bug that could cause the server to stop committing
      transactions for a storage.  The bug occurred under the
      following circumstances:

        - A synchronous client made a tpc_begin() request.
        - The request arrived while another transaction was in
        - The other transaction finished.
        - The client closed the connection or an unexpected error
          occurred while the server was handling the client's

      The fix is to make the code to resume a waiting transaction
      robust in the face of disconnects and errors.

    - Fixed bugs in the storage server and the trigger module that
      caused the server to fail with uncaught exceptions when it
      received a signal.  The start script installs several signal
      handlers, so the server should not fail when those signals are
      received.  These bugs might have occurred in other
      circumstances, too.

      Note: The signal handlers are not particularly useful with the
      default zLOG backend (STUPID_LOG_FILE).

    - Upgrade to license to ZPL 2.0

I expect to release ZEO 1.0 final next week.

I'll also take this opportunity to mention future ZEO development
plans.  I plan to make a ZEO 1.1 release sometime this month.  This
release will add some debugging support and a few minor features that
have proved useful in high-volume ZEO clusters.

I also plan to make an alpha release of ZEO 2.0.  ZEO 2 is a partial
re-implementation of ZEO that provides a new RPC protocol between the
ZEO clients and server.  The new RPC protocol will make it possible to
extend ZEO with new features and to make changes that will improve
performance.  ZEO 2.0 alpha 1 will be a baseline that provides the new
protocol, but probably none of the features.

If there are any crucial feature requests for ZEO 1.1, now is the time
to make them (patches preferred :-).  Otherwise, new features will be
postponed to ZEO 2.0.


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