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I propose to base the Zope3 ZMI on the Plone CMF skin (designed primarily by
the talented Alexander Limi and Vidar Andersen with important coding by Alan
Runyan), which can be seen at

Perhaps we should take Lalo's suggestion further and collect a list of existing designs that show what real graphic talent has been able to accomplish.  Some of the newer weblogs, wikis, forums, portals etc. out there are looking almost, well, beautiful.  Here's an example from YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board):  I'm sure there are many more that might provide inspiration.

As for the perspiration, I realize this doesn't help get the job done.  But I think Zope deserves to stand out above the crowd and it doesn't hurt to check out the competition.

One design consideration is how much to rely on CSS.  Looking under the hood (ie, viewing the source) for some of these "slick" designs reveals modest to sophisticated dependence on CSS.  But I think the days of worrying how it's going to look on Netscape 4 should be just about over.  What say??


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