I agree 100% with Toby. I don't care how it looks in NS4 or (insert old 
non-standard browser here), so long as the functionality is still there.

I think the ZMI should also work 100% with w3m. If we do that, then we 
are basically already taking care or accessibility.

I also vote to kill frames. However, IFrames might still be useful (for 
the tree view, etc).

As for Javascript, it should work 100% with Javascript turned off. But, 
I'm happy to have some JS sprinkled in there as candy that makes things 
easier, or enhances the UI in some way.

I am also in full support of utilizing CSS to the greatest extent 
practical. The best thing about CSS is that when done properly, non-CSS 
compliant browsers work just fine, they just can't display things as nicely.

A proper CSS class structure takes planning, just like the Python 
classes do. We need to make sure that the CSS design is an integral part 
of the ZMI, not just purely evolved as an afterthought.

In light of that, I would like to see a ZMI skin that is fully xhtml 1.0 
compliant, and uses CSS2 to its full extend, and possibly some CSS3. To 
me that means that one could develop the html coding completely devoid 
of presentation (no tables used for formatting, etc). I would also like 
to avoid using images for this skin unless they convey some meaning 
(such as icons) or otherwise enhance the useability. IOW, no shims, 
rounded corners, etc.

I doubt this could be the default skin because it would probably be 
pretty plain graphically and not display too well on older browsers.
OTOH, you could simply replace/tweak the CSS to fully customize the 
layout of the ZMI. That would rock.

If I had a clone somewhere I would volunteer him to develop it 8^).


Toby Dickenson wrote:
> On 05 Apr 2002 09:04:15 +0000, Dan Pierson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>I agree.  IMHO the browser compatibility requirements for the new ZMI
>>should be summarized as:
>>      Current IE
>>      Mozilla 1.0
>>      Konqueror (KDE 3.0 version)
>>      ...what's the current state of Mac browsers...
> That doesnt sound unreasonable as a list for browsers that will behave
> 100% correct.
> On occasions it is necessary (or convenient) to use a previous
> generation browser with the ZMI. Its would be good if they only
> suffered cosmetic problems, not functional limitations.
> Toby Dickenson
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