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I think this conversation is trending in the wrong direction.
The core ZMI is needed to the extent that it helps build or administer products.  Thus, Zope 3 is not like YABB.

Yes, your point is well taken.  I hesitated bringing this up in the first place but the original request was for graphically talented designers and that got me thinking about the ZMI as an intrinsic demo of Zope's presentation capabilities.

I remember when as an application designer looking for a web framework that, other than's own portal pages, the ZMI was the first thing to catch my eye.  As an app designer, when looking for tools out there, I can't help but get an impression of the potential of what the tool set can produce from how the tool set looks to me.  When I'm new to Zope, trying to navigate my way through the tool set's screens I am, psychologically, getting an impression of the what I could produce for my own audience.

Of course, Zope 3 can ship with one or more sexy sample applications, like YABB.

Yes, good point.  Let me add that when I started learning Zope the ZMI was the only sample that I knew how to become acquainted with.  But that was probably because there were no other examples at hand when I installed it "out of the box".  And I'm not ashamed to say that one way I've learned to do presentation with Zope is to study how the ZMI's presentation is implemented.


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