"Stefan H. Holek" wrote:
> At 09.04.2002 10:46 +0100, Chris Withers wrote:
> >ZClasses are a waste of time, even more so than DTML.
> Chris, please stop that dissing of ZClasses. They are *very* useful indeed!

If you enjoy pain and suffering and no upgrade path.

I will not stop dissing them until people stop using them and then complaining
when they break, don't do what they want or behave unexpectedly.

> No, not so much for the seasoned Python/Zope coder, but for the content
> manager (remember, Zope is a CMS after all!). 

Use the Types Tool in the CMF, its a lot closer to what ZClasses wanted to be.

> I sure hope this part of Zope's audience is not forgotten in Zope3. I have
> always considered it a strength of Zope to allow "unskilled" users to
> create and deploy dynamic websites.

Yup, I have the same fear for Zope 3, but trying to stand up for one of the most
difficult to learn and use pieces in the whole Zope architecture is not the way
to go about it...

> We can fight this out at the BBQ if you like ;-)

...you're buying the beers though.


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