After reading the discussion page I feel a bit more comfortable with it.

I do see an undesireable increase in the entropy of the ui, however. 
This could be offset by careful use of this feature, of course. In fact 
good use of it could reduce some of the clutter in the add list. For 
instance, singleton classes might automatically hide themselves if they 
find an instance of themselves somewhere.

As Chris M says: "The problem is dynamism" ;^)


Brian Lloyd wrote:
[snip my knee jerk reaction]
> I think (correct me though, if I'm wrong!) that Toby 
> actually implemented the suggestion that Jim made on 
> the comments page of the proposal (add a filter to the 
> meta type info, allowing products to do this without 
> killing performance).
> We need to find a reasonable place to document the API 
> addition for this before merging it.
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