...I sent out a note a while ago now trying to scare up 
some ideas on how to vet the current list of 2.6 proposals 
and get to a final "plan". I didn't get much (any?) response :(

For a couple of things that were ready to go and fairly non
controversial (like Toby's unicode work), I put on the BDFL 
hat and said "merge it!".

But there are still a lot of things on the proposed features 
that are undone, and some that are controversial enough that 
we need to get to closure on them.

I'll volunteer to convert the current proposed feature list 
into a draft "plan", where the conversion boils down to 
adding some columns to the table:

Proposal - name and link to the proposal

Resources - who is working on it

Committed - Y/N whether the volunteers have committed to have
            the implementation and docs done by the first week
            in June. I'll fill in what I know has been committed
            to, people can update this (or let me know and I'll 
            do it), and anything that doesn't get a 'Y' in a 
            reasonably short time will be put in the cooler.

Vetted - Y / N whether the community and / or the relevant BDFLs
         have come to some agreement on whether it *should* be 
         done. The list of items without a 'Y' will be our next 
         order of business. Getting to closure on those either 
         via the list, IRC, or whatever is the main block on the 
         critical path.

Status - Complete or incomplete 

I've taken a first stab at this. I've set the "committed" to 'Y' 
for those things that I know I've gotten commitments for. For 
those set to 'N', please let me know if you can commit to the 
date (or change it yourself in the wiki).

The updated plan is at:


Once we get the commitments up to date, we can start wrangling 
with the vetting...

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