At 17.04.2002 10:57 -0400, Brian Lloyd wrote:

> >From the Zen of Python: "Explicit is better than implicit".
>We've been trying hard to adopt this bit of Zen. If you write
>REQUEST.set, you can look at it and easily see what is happening.
>Same with SESSION.set.
>If you're looking at <dtml-set...> as a newbie to Zope, your
>first thought is probably "where exactly is this being set?".
>Who decided that REQUEST was a better place to implicitly set
>the variable? Why not the SESSION?

Agreed, in this light the set tag turns into a source of confusion.

How about a <dtml-requestset>, <dtml-sessionset> pair then?

;-) ;-)


PS: Only half joking as the dtml-set syntax is sweet, especially 'optional'...
PPS: I know ZPT ;-)

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