> That's only if you do it as a property.  It doesn't have to be done that
> way.  Shane and I discussed a counter that existed as a central
> datastructure.  Objects that were being counted would simply have
> methods to increment the count and display the count.

FWIW, this already mostly exists in Zope as the (tiny) BTrees.Length.Length
class.  It's a awfully nifty little piece of code.  Anybody who is
interested should read it and try to understand it because it's subtly
mindbending and ingenious and it is a prime example of why we love Jim. ;-)

> Completely agreed.  My disagreement is portraying the counter problem as
> impossible with the zodb.  I think some people, as evidenced by some of
> the responses, are willing to live with the tradeoffs.  Other people
> will find managing a log file on disk to be a more manageable solution.

It would be best to make make a dual-mode undoing and nonundoing storage on
a per-object basis.  But a half step would be to make it easier to use
mounted storages ala

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