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>Imagine a situation similar to database connections. With database connections
>when you create it you can indicate that you want the connection established.
>Now when Zope is restarted, those database connections will be automatically
>restarted when Zope restarts. Although, I am not sure whether this is when
>Zope actually starts or when the next request using that database happens.

The connection is made when the next request comes in, and the
connection is broken when ZODB decides it is time to deactivate the DA
object; which is hopefully only happens if the connection has not been
used for a while.

>I can't rely on
>the connection only starting when someone tries to access the resource, I
>want it to happen straight away upon Zope restart.

I think you will have to fight ZODB if you need:
* The connection to always stay up
* one connection per instance of a class stored in ZODB
  (like database adapters)

>Can anyone point me to such a Zope product. I have started looking at how
>to do it myself and have some of the bits in place. The first issue is that
>when the "initialize()" method in the product "__init__.py" file is called
>not all Zope startup has occured, so it is too early to trigger things from
>that point.

Initialize looks like the right place to me. What do you think this is
too early for?

One thing that might be nice to add is *dependencies* between product
initialization. Today you have to rely on Zope sorting product names
alphabetically before initialization, which slightly sucks.

>The next problem is getting an appropriate context to be able to start making
>calls into Zope objects. The "initialize()" method gets a product context,
>but doesn't have public access to the application context. Is there some way
>of accessing the Zope application context and thus root folder where you
>don't otherwise have a handle to it?

Public access? no. currently you have to hack through the jar.

I agree there should be an API for this.

Toby Dickenson

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