I'm using Zope/Zserver 2.2.4, ZODBCDA v3.1.0b2 and SQL Server 2000. I've
noticed that pages generated from database querries are definitely
single threaded, and these pages are the bulk of my site. My poking
around seems to indicate that ZODBCDA is the single-threaded culprit,
and some emails from the list over the last couple months seem to
confirm that.

The volume of my site and the size of the database (hence query response
times) are getting to the point that this is a concern. So I'm
investigating my options, including:
1) Cluster the web site with multiple single processor machines.
2) Move to a database that Zope supports multi-threaded access to.
3) ?

I've been considering a move to Oracle or PostgreSQL/MySQL for other
reasons, but I'm not going to do it just for yucks. Extending and
populating my site gives better return than porting the database. I'd
like to make sure I'll get return on my time investment.

I saw an document on the Zope web site from 1999 that talked about
labeling Zope DAs Level 1,2 or 3 based on their sophistication, but I
don't see any of the current DAs labeled as such. There was text in the
Oracle and MySQL DA descriptions that seem to imply multi-threaded
behaivor though.

I'm looking for the info from the community on:
1. Is the ZODBCDA single-threaded and might that change anytime soon?
2. Can someone confirm that the Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL DAs are
3. Does the multi-threading require using the Zope Session facility or
some other feature? (My site uses FSSession.)

Thanks in advance for any input.

Jeff Nielsen / UgoFast

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