Thanks for the info guys. It looks like these might do the trick.

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> ZPsycopgDA (for postgres) is definitely multi-threaded. I think 
> zPopyDA is  too. says:

> The report also investigates in a cursory way the effects of adding a 
> database adapter to the equation. A test was carried out to compare 
> the effect of changing the threading model on a site doing queries 
> against an Oracle database using DCOracle2. It was found that queries 
> that involved writes on the database were forced to be completed in 
> serial (this is unsuprising), whilst read requests could be carried 
> out in parallel. In addition, ZSQL Methods have the ability to cache 
> the rows they fetch from a database for a given query. The results 
> show that caching of SQL queries can produce a significant performance

> boost.



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