there is a common misconception that the number of threads and the 
pool_size defined in ZODB/ are the same. they are not.

number of threads is just that: the maximum number of threads the zope 
process will spawn (excluding "extra" threads, such as those used for 

the pool_size in ZODB/ sets the number of ZODB database connections 
that are used by the application to interact with the ZODB. increasing the 
number of threads alone does not make much sense because no work can be 
done if a thread does not have a database connection out of the pool.

you might try to carefully and slowly increase both numbers *in a sandbox,
  not on your live site* and test to see if it helps.


On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 01:00 , HoYin Au wrote:

> We've been experiencing some extreme lag on our Zope site lately, and have 
> noticed that the bottleneck seems to be the 7 thread limit placed on ZODB.
>   I was wondering if there are any remifications on increasing the 
> pool_size variable in lib/python/ZODB/ ?
> -Hoyin Au

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