Compile python from source with --prefix=/your/privat/python/directory
and install it there. Then run the standard Zope installation
process with this new Python. That's it.


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> With the RH7.3 release today, the default Python2 installation is that
> much more likely to be Python 2.2 (it's the base package in RH7.3),
> instead of Python 2.1.
> Rather than ask the FAQ of why and what parts of Zope can't handle
> Python 2.2, I'll ask if there is, or suggest if there isn't, a shift due
> in the installation procedures on Linux to optionally use a private copy
> of Python 2.1, much like the Windows version of Zope does. That version
> allows me to use Python 2.2 without any interference. I'd prefer that
> the file layout matched WinZope as closely as possible. In this case,
> I'm willing to give up some disk space to have a sandbox that Zope can
> run in with its configuration uninterrupted.
> FWIW, I'd like to see an expanded tarball of Zope available that builds
> the whole thing, including its own Python and the most common
> c-extensions, in a unified makefile. Maybe that would get the
> possibility of RPM releases back on track, too.
> Can anyone suggest a best practice to get Zope 2.5.1 on Linux running
> with a private Python2.1, keeping the new Python releases separate from
> the one Zope will use?
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