Maybe a little Perl psychology might help us here, i.e. "There is more than
one way to do it" - Some are faster, some more feature rich, and (in this
case) some are TTW codeable. The only ones that are actually _wrong_ are the
ones that don't work at all.

ZClasses are one of the two things that bring Zope up to and above the level
of the competition (In this case Coldfusion) IMHO - TTW coding, including
writing products TTW, and DTML which is far more powerful and focused than
the competitions offering.

I think that blindly disposing of both, just because a newer idea has come
along is just that - blind. So what if ZPT is more (choose your comparison
here) than DTML? DTML is far easier to learn, far easier to read, far easier
to write, and much much easier to explain to newbies.

It has always been clear that ZClasses are the poor relation of Python
products, but even that does not earn ZClasses a death warant (IMHO) - Have
you never needed a quick fix product that needs writing in a few minutes and
in a week will no longer be needed? I know I have - Many MANY times!

Just my $0.02


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> > What's your efford on this task? If people like to use them, let them!
> > It's not up to you to decide for THEM what's best or not. The choice for
> > YOURSELF not to use them is just as fair as other peoples choices.
> Sure but many people ask more experienced developers for advice. I agree
> saying ZClasses suck totally is unhelpful. For people who dont know coding
> or want to do quick prototyping they have a place. However if someone asks
> me how to do a product, I normally give them the choice: use ZClasses but
> would strongly recommend using a Product etc (and then be ready with the
> reasons why which is the next question).
> Unfortunately people deciding the right and wrong ways for other people to
> code is a trait sometimes found in Python / Zope world. But dont get me
> started on that :)
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