Don Hopkins wrote:
> Indentation style and the definition of XML are two different things.
> The XML spec clearly states that attributes are defined as unordered.
> So any XML editors or tool might rightfully reorder those attributes, thus
> mangling the meaning of any so-called XML code that depends on attribute
> order.
> Any so-called XML tool that depends on the order of attributes incorrect,
> and has a fundamental design flaw because it deviates from the agreed-upon
> standard.
> Just as any so-called C compiler that depends on indentation style is
> incorrect.

...which is precisely why the order of attributes in ZPT source code doesn't matter and
why the order of execution of attributes is rigidly defined by ZPT, rather than being 
of their order in the source.

Anyone got a spare Dime Bar?


> Reference: one cares.

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