I posted this earlier on zope, but I guess maybe it's more of a zope-dev kind 
of thing....

I was wondering what's the story with 
lib/python/StructuredText/HTMLWithImages.py - it looks like it should allow 
you to place images in structured text, with something like:

      "my image":img:http://foo.com/myimg.jpg

but it doesn't seem to be used by default, instead plain HTMLClass.py looks 
to be the usual handler for STX documents, for example when calling 
structured_text() from within a PythonScript.

I'm also curious why HTMLWithImages.document() method overrides 
HTMLClass.document() but takes away the option of disabling the header, and 
only adds a: bgcolor="#FFFFFF" attribute to the body tag (athough the version 
in CVS doesn't even add that).

In CVS it also looks like HTMLWithImages overrides the HTMLClass.xref() 
method with an absolutely identical method.

I'm guessing I could call it with an external method (I'm not asking for help 
with that) - I would mostly like to know why is it (HTMLWithImages) there 
separately, why isn't it being used by default, and why is it just a little 
different from HTMLClass in not being able to turn off the headers in the 
document() method.


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