I am playing with using the Catalog class in ZCatalog along with CatalogQuery 
to create a generic object layer on top of ZODB. I can index and search til I 
am blue in the face, and I always get the correct answers. Now for the 

Say I have the following obj:
class test(Persistent):
        variable = 1
        def function(self):
                print self.__dict__

now if I do:
catalog = Catalog()
catalog.addIndex('variable', Fieldindex('variable'))
obj = test()
catalog.catalogObject(obj, id(obj))

catalog_query = CatalogQuery(catalog, "variable==1")
results = catalog_query()
for r in results:
        print r.variable  # ok
        print r.getRID() # ok
        print r.function # NameError

...so I can get an object (a mybrains instance )back that allows me to print 
r.variable, but I cannot get r.function(). 
How does one do this? Is there a mapping between RIDs in the catalog and real 
objects somewhere? Do I need to do that mapping in an IOBtree (it would make 
the most sense since I am using id(obj) as the uid in the catalog)? Is there 
somewhere in Zope/google/web that does this?

Thanks for any help!!

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