On Thursday 30 May 2002 11:11 am, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> XML-RPC only has a limited set of types it can marshal and that
> can't be changed without breaking the standard.

Yes, that means you unmarshall some xml-rpc data into a python None.

xmlrpc doesnt have support for marshalling class instances, but xmlrpclib.py 
will marshall python class instances to xmlrpc dictionaries *because* *it* 
*is* *useful* to do so.

If you were designing an interface specifically for xml-rpc you would design 
it to avoid Nones. However most Zope interfaces are designed for other 
purposes, then xml-rpc usage comes later. Its difficult to take the None's 
out of your data structures once they are in.

When the xml-rpc marshaller sees a None going *out* of Zope, I think it makes 
sense to marshall this is an integer zero (or Joachim suggested the string 
"None"). That makes more sense than raising an exception. (In Zope, anyway. 
Im not making any comments about other xmlrpclib.py uses)

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