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> Well, I'm not so enthusiastic about it.  Implicit acquisition in URLs
> leads to subtle bugs.  One thing that just about every Zope site does is
> "acquire" images using a simple relative URL, but that makes the images
> much less cacheable.

Not if you do it with <dtml-var Image>, if I remember correctly. But sure,
you are correct, it's possible to shoot yourself in the foot with this, and
using relative urls is a sure way to do this.

But having the possibility of letting an object be aqcuired by a whole bunch
of subobjects, and overriding it further down in a tree, is still an
amazingly great feature. If this feature can be modified so it's harder to
shoot yourself in the foot (by for example forcing you to check an
"Aqcuirable" check box before an object gets aquired or whatever), then
fine, I have no problem with that.
But aqcuisition still a great feature, and together with ZODB, one of the
defining features that make Zope so powerful.

> The browser can't know they are the same image and will have to fetch
> the image up to three times.  This problem explodes on larger sites
> unless you educate HTML authors.

Well, I  kinda thought that one of the points with Zope is that you don't
need loads of HTML authors, because it's dead easy (thanks in much to
aqcuisition) to have design templates, so that you don't *need* to have
people doing html all over the place. :-)

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